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The Government of Flanders launched in 2021 the G-STIC Climate Action Programme, a call for project proposals, to support developing countries in the fight against climate change. For the third project call the Government of Flanders provides €17.6 million subsidies for projects which implement and upscale climate solutions in developing countries. The goal is to enable these countries to follow low-carbon development paths and to make their communities more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

This programme provides subsidies for demonstration, dissemination and capacity building projects implemented in developing countries and in which a Flemish organization takes the lead. To be eligible for financial governmental support in the G-STIC Climate Action Programme, projects must directly and explicitly aim at supporting adaptation and/or mitigation actions in developing countries. Projects must focus on areas where climate-related solutions can be expected to have maximal impact, preferably in one or more of the following sectors: Agriculture, Biodiversity, Education & Research, Energy, Environmental Policy, Transport and Water & Sanitation.

Deadline submission full project proposal: 18 August 2023 (10:00 AM CEST)

Applications for financial support for eligible projects can be submitted from 16 May 2023 and must be received by 10:00 AM CEST on 18 August 2023 via the project portal of the G-STIC Climate Action Programme. However, all project proposals must be registered by 1:00 PM CEST on 30 June 2023. Without timely registration, your final project proposal will not be admitted. After registration, you can further develop your project by the deadline of 18 August 2023. A full project proposal includes a fully and correctly completed project template, project budget & logical framework and any relevant attachments.

The full proposals will be evaluated by an independent jury under the coordination of the Department of Environment & Spatial Development in September/October 2023.

The approved projects will be announced by the end of December 2023 and need to start before March 2024.

To register and submit a project, the main applicant has to create an account or log in to the existing account.



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